A brilliant website landing page is a dream of every brand owner and marketer. Although you have poured a high amount into SEO and PPC campaigns, you will not get results without a proper landing page. You may have noticed differences in performance in your competitors’ businesses and their ROI. One of the major reasons for those differences is the landing page design. You have to integrate essential elements into your website landing page. Check out the traits that must be present in every landing page.

The best landing page has an attractive headline

The headline has the potential to gather interest and attention. It also tells about your services and products. The words you have used for the headlines play a role in making your headlines attention-grabbing. The headline must not contain more than 10 words. While some designers choose white lettering, others prefer colors. However, user-friendliness should be the major focus.

A comprehensible design- No confusion

Some landing page designers overlook the interests of their target audiences. The landing page design Malaysia needs to be clear and intuitive. Visitors have to find it easy to navigate through the website. A landing page may not turn out 100% conversion. But, a complicated design reduces the conversion rate. It will make your visitors ambiguous.

You need to create the landing page in a way that directs visitors to the sales funnel. You have to ensure a positive user experience with this design. The conversion rate will be on the rise, and you will get lots of customer service requests.

A reliable landing page makes your company look credible

A high converting landing page Malaysia contains trust indicators. Your target audience needs to trust your company before making any decision. Thus, it is important to add some trust signals to the landing page.

You may provide some statistical data of your achievements in the past years. Moreover, you can add third-party seals and customer testimonials to your landing page. Another trick for you is to insert a link to your privacy policy page. These are some ways to build trust in your potential customers.

The best landing page always has visuals

You have to add visual elements to the landing page of your websites. Most importantly, the image you have chosen helps in conveying the message to your potential customers. Images are also effective in illustrating your products and services.

However, it is better to avoid using any stock image for your website. Several other sites have used those images, and thus, they will not create any impression. Choose images that reflect the uniqueness of your brand.

Offer a single thing using your landing pages

It is of the common challenges for building a landing page Malaysia. Some web designers display two offers- a signup request and a free e-book. Multiple offers cause confusion and lower the conversation rate. They also result in distractions to visitors.

The unique value proposition

From image to headline- every element has to convey the value of your products and services. You have to identify the USP of your brand. Visitors will be highly interested in it.

Strong and attractive call-to-action

The custom landing page Malaysia should have CTA to increase the conversion rate. The best designers can identify the right place to insert CTA. It is also essential to focus on the shade and design of the CTA button. Create the best CTA copy for your landing page.
Check out these characteristics while designing the landing page for your website. You may hire certified web designers to accomplish this process.
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