Have you heard that lots of clicks get directed to the home page and not the landing page? It is one of the biggest problems of several business websites. Your website’s Quality Score can go up with the best performance and relevance of your landing page. However, mistakes in creating the landing page design Malaysia will prevent you from seeing the desired result. Find the list of landing page design mistakes that you must avoid.

A cluttered landing page design

You have added more information than what is necessary. It will create a negative impact on your visitors. You must understand the importance of white space in designing a page.

Clutters can distract your visitors’ attention. Thus, you may try to create a clutter-free landing page.

No relevant visual elements

Stock photos can never do any good for your custom landing page Malaysia. Although these photos cost high, they do not give you value. With real photos, you will find an increase in conversions by 35%.

Every page should have visuals to-

  • Display your service and product
  • Show how others have found benefits from your company

You may also add visual demos to remove ambiguities. Do not keep your landing free from any visual element.

CTA is very generic

The generic CTA does not have effectiveness in persuading your website visitors to take any step. Although you have a jaw-dropping landing page design, a dull CTA will give you no outcome.

Some websites have the primary CTA in the sidebar. You have to be thoughtful while choosing the CTA button colors. Furthermore, the choice of words for writing the CTA is one of the important factors to gain the desired result.

No responsive design

More than 40% of customers submit their data using their smartphones. That is why you also have a chance to gain leads from the mobile platforms. Make sure that your landing page design is compatible with mobile platforms. Without a responsive design, you have a chance of losing several leads.

Your mobile customers should be the major focus while designing the landing pages. Mobile screens are smaller than desktop screens. Thus, your page design has to fit into them properly.

To create a high converting landing page Malaysia, you have to avoid these mistakes. Hire the best web designers to launch your landing page confidently.

The Sign-up Form- Not properly placed

The way you have placed this form makes a difference in your landing page design. While assessing the visual hierarchy, your form must be in the first place.

You may choose the upper part of the page design to make the form visible to your visitors. This position will also increase the chance of getting the form filled by visitors.

No focus on customers

The absence of a customer-centric design can cause a failure to the landing pages. Your headlines must ask questions and contain action-verbs. Your visitors should feel that you are speaking directly to them. An eye-catching headline focusing on customers’ interests will bring you success.

No consistency in the design

A landing page must be a precise representation of a brand. While the page does not correspond to the branding guidelines, you will find inconsistency. You may have a negative effect on your conversion rate. The overall design must be distinctive. Place the logo properly and select the right font style. You will surely get the positive effect.

Now, you can easily avoid these mistakes for building a landing page Malaysia. Professional landing page designers can give you more tips on how to design the landing page properly.

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